Corporate Risk Solution


Why Use a Broker?

CRS are specialist Credit Insurance Brokers, and as such we have the knowledge of the available markets and experience to negotiate the best combination of cost and cover for your business. We have access to the whole of the credit insurance marketplace, so you can be confident that all possibilities are covered. The market offers a sophisticated portfolio of subtly different products, which are constantly being added to and updated. It is our job to understand and keep pace with all such developments so that you, our client, are fully aware of the options available and the benefits each policy offers.

Each Insurance company can have advantages and disadvantages and it's important that each Client is set up with the Insurance company and program best fit for them. By being with one Insurance Company and not knowing what the other one can offer can be detrimental.

Broker vs. Direct with Credit Insurance Company

Very few policy holders of any type of Insurance would purchase or renew a policy without wanting to know whether they have the best cover at the best cost. As Brokers, we carry out the review for you and in many cases can use our position within the market to negotiate better terms and premiums than you would get direct from an Underwriter. Insurance companies DO NOT give better rates to those who go direct. 

At CRS, we always work on the behalf of the client, and we pride ourselves on our unique ability to proactively manage all aspects of your credit insurance policy, being able to advise you where you are trading outside the terms of the cover in place – not just during the sales process, but also on an ongoing basis throughout the life of the policy. We provide on-going support all the way through the policy period helping to negotiate credit limit cover, and most importantly working closely on all claims to maximize your claim payments.